Take Me Home Gravel Adventure

In a world where coming home is always special…..welcome to our home!

Join Nick and I for a weekend in our home. We have traveled all over the United States for gravel events. It is our honor to welcome you to our area. These are the roads we ride every day, food that is grown right here, and a place we are proud to call home! Welcome home……


5K Fun Run

Join us Friday evening for a 5K fun run at Wisconsin Badger Camp. We will overlook where the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers meet!

Adventure Race

Looking for something different? We will have a 20-40 mile adventure for you! The distance will depend on what route your take.

You will start out the day with a GPS location. Go find that spot, take a selfie and return home. Is there more than one route…you bet. Can you get lost….of course! No one remembers the days spent in front of the TV but we promise you will remember this day!

100K Gravel Race

Do you feel like a longer day in the saddle. Maybe you like riding along the Wisconsin River, water crossings, screaming descents or lung burning climbs….we have all of that and more in store for you! There will be one sag station to refuel.

Total elevation will be approximately 7,000 feet of climbing….yep welcome to the driftless area!

As I reflect on my life there are few things that I can say defined my youth more than Wisconsin Badger Camp. I worked here as a teen to early twenty year old. Badger Camp was, and is, special to me. All money raised at this event will be used to send campers to camp!

Wisconsin Badger Camp’s goal is to provide a positive natural environment where individuals with developmental disabilities can learn about their surroundings and realize their full potential. Through a group living experience, campers develop friendships and expand their social skills. Everyone, regardless of the severity of their disability, is welcome at Badger Camp.

What can I expect

Expect a homecoming, a welcome and a weekend that both you and your family will remember. This weekend is about being outside enjoying our wonderful area….but more than that it is about connection. There are no podiums, no first place ribbons.

This is a homecoming. Somewhere that we hope you join us year after year. Our hope is that you meet new friends, ride roads you have never ridden before and find a place that each fall you look forward to returning to.

All the food, drink and good times will happen in a place that I grew up. We will ride roads that I rode my horse on as a child and now ride my bike on daily. Heck, one of your selfies will even be at my parents front gate! We will eat foods that we eat all the time. I mean, come on…where else has cheese curds and bacon at a sag st op?! (maybe even a local craft beer!)

The gravel might be hero, mud or deep sand depending on where you are on the course. BUT there will be some areas of non gravel also….grin and keep riding. We will get you back on gravel as soon as we can, probably going up a hill.

  • Big Climbs
  • Fast Descents
  • A Different Format
  • Smiles and a handshake at the end
  • Changing lives by doing what we love

Whats included in my race fee…..

  • Friday night lodging-You are welcome to stay in the dorms at Wisconsin Badger Camp. There are bathrooms and showers. (Showers are open so bring whatever you feel you need to be comfortable)
  • Friday night meal-All food and drink will be raised or produced locally. Yes, within 50 miles of camp we have excellent options, right down to the bread and drink! Limited vegetarian options will also be available.
  • Friday night camp fire-Every homecoming needs a fun fire with stories and a drink. Stop by the campfire ring and see what local fun is all about.
  • Saturday morning breakfast-Breakfast will be quick and easy in the main hall on Saturday morning. Once again vegetarian options will be available.
  • We know we will have participants from a long distance. Saturday lodging is available at a very nominal fee. Just let us know and we will get you taken care of…it just is not included.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Self Supported Ethos”

You are on your own. We will provide you with a GPX file and cue sheets if you want them. Please be aware of where you are and how you will get back to where you started. The course is unmarked.

There will be one fully stocked checkpoint in the race. We will have food and water for you approximately half way through the 100k.

If you are riding the adventure race, you will be back at camp approximately every 10 miles.

Know your GPS system when you arrive. If you don’t have a GPS unit, the Gaia app is a great alternative. You WILL need some form of GPS no matter what event you ride.

“Is this the right road”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Will my cell phone work”

Nope….not all of the time. We have Verizon service and there are valleys in which it doesn’t work…period. Those areas will not last long but be aware that you will have not always have service.

You will not always have service…once again you are on your own. If you are in the back follow tire tracks, until you can’t.

“Can you hear me now”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“What setup is best”

The one that works for you….

Most of the gravel is really hard packed…that said, it’s gravel. It can change from day to day. We are pretty sure that in September the county won’t be grading it but who knows! I ride 42s year round on it and could go bigger or smaller.

What bike is best…the one in your shed! We ride our fatties, gravel bikes and mountain bikes on the roads daily.

“Ride what you own”

Contact us

Nick and Crystal Kovacs


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